Highlights of last weeks Google I/O 2011

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Last week Google’s Developer Conference I/O took place at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. This is a short summary of the coolest new things they announced.

Google launched Google Music Beta

Google Music Beta

Google launched their own Cloud music service, it´s called Google Music beta, it’s of course still in beta and will let you stream music to your phone. Google Music beta features:

  • Easy cloud access from your computer.
  • Uploading of your complete iTunes, or other music libraries or one song at a time feature.
  • Manage all your music in the cloud.

Unfortunatly you can only request an invitation for Google Music Beta if you are in the US.


New version of Android (2.4 Ice Cream Sandwich) Coming soon

Google Android Ice Cream Sandwich

Google announced a new version of Android called Ice Cream Sandwich. Alot of the rumors turn were true. The new version has many new features, including adapting itself to the device it’s running on and a lot of new features when it comes to App development. It will be available in the fourth quarter 2011.

Rent movies from Android Market

Rent movies Android Market
Last week Google launched it’s Movie Rental service, another new service to compete with Apple iTunes. The Movie Rentals start at $2, which is actually a very good price for renting a movie, as you also get to download it watch it when ever you want to. This also seems to be avaible in the US 🙁

Chrome OS

Chrome OS
“People spend more and more of their time on the web, within a browser. That’s why they created Chrome OS.”
The speech began about why Chrome OS was built, how it’s more practical than any other OS, how it boots up in just 8 seconds and how it’s nothing but the web. This is where Chromebook comes in, a computer with the Chrome OS.

Chrome OS gets some nice and new features, it takes 3 minutes to load everything and every time you open your Chromebook it will be instantly online, and updates will happen over the air and automatically, which means your Chromebook will just get better over time. You can now connect a camera and it will show you that a camera is connected, you can run media files, open photos and do everything a regular computer can, but it’s all on a Chrome browser. Well, this is the Chrome OS!!

Chromebooks are always connected to the Cloud, that means you get more storage than any computer and your data is almost immediately saved in the Cloud storage, no worry even if you throw it into the ocean, your data will always be safe. And here’s the video that you need to watch to see what’s really going on!

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