Tag: Social Shopping

  • LEGO – Jonas Gold testing ecommerce, Part 1

    This is the first post in a series of post there we are testing how great different ecommerce stores are. I found this little tweet a couple of weeks ago: See the link here: Lego meet iPhone When I clicked the link I came to a site with this little cool clip about a new… Read more

  • Tesco found a great way to use QR-codes

    In South Korea Tesco here the number two food store chain and they invented this really nice way to use QR-codes for shopping food easier. Enjoy! 🙂 Read more

  • 10 trends in digital media

    10 trends in digital media, consisting of everything from social media to mobile phones and how to charge online and in real life according to the Swedish recruitment agency Hammer Hanborg in their great blogpost (in swedish). 1. Social Shopping – means that e-commerce will be social and you pull your friends, family, colleagues and… Read more