About me

My name is Jonas Gold and I live in a little house in Stäket, Järfälla northwest of Stockholm. I´m married with Beata since 2008 (together since 1998 and engaged since 2004) and dad to Olivia (born 2009) and Robin (born 2011).

Jonas Gold

The early years

The history starts a little earlier, already 1977 in Kalmar where I was born. I lived in Smedby outside Kalmar with my parents Lotta and Christer and my brother Ola (Born 1984) until I was called into the Swedish Marines for military service in 1997.

Except school and playing with friends I started to play soccer in the local team Smedby BOIK and hockey in Kalmar HC and later in 1991 I started running orienteering with Kalmar OK. I ran a number of O-Ringen, 10-mila and 25-manna and lots of other races. I also joined the scouts and also became scout leader a few years. I have loved outdoor activities my hole life. That interest developed to participation in the Swedish Multisport Cup during several years and later to triathlon racing.

High School years

I chose the Scientific Program with focus on technical building construction at the Lars Kagg School in Kalmar. The high school was finished 1996 and during summer holidays and the period between schools and military service I worked as a driver at the Poståkeriet in Kalmar where I learned how to work with customer service and just how tough a real job can really be. 🙂

The military service was made in the Marines with the Amphibious Battalion in Karlskrona 1997.

College years

Autumn 1998 to spring 2000 I lived in Svängsta outside Karlshamn in Blekinge, I studied E-Commerce and Logistics (YH-utbildning) and during that period I meet my future wife Beata. The education also contained a number of company placements from example at the web agency Interpilot (Karlshamn), train manufacturer Bombardier (Kalmar) and the logistics companies Postnord and TNT (Stockholm).

The first working years

During 2000-2001 I returned to Kalmar, first I worked at Poståkeriet and then at the customer service company AnswerOnline (former Online Telefonpassning) where I learned to handle customer relations via phone which is not always the easiest, after a few months I also built their Intranet. It´s here somewhere my passion for Internet and web development was woken up seriously and I also started working with web design and web development together with Åke Persson at Tabasco Ad Agency (Nowadays LevelSeven Ad Agency) were I built a website CA Fastigheter to sell apartments at Varvsholmen in Kalmar and one for Emmaboda Glasteknik. Both websites were built with frames which was the technique then. When I look back on it now, I realise how incredibly fast the development has been since 1999 until today. About now I start dreaming of starting and running my own company.

Life as an employee at the big governmental company

During spring 2001 Beata graduated and I had grown tired of answering the phone, it was time to move to the big city. I found an ad for a vacant job in the Swedish Posts paper “Logistiksamordnare Stockholm” (Logistic Coordinator) wanted to new department within the organisation. I applied, was called to an interview in Malmö with Nizze and Thomas and I ended up getting the job. The 9th of September 2001 I moved to Stockholm. Beata had moved already in June and we lives a few weeks in her dads apartment in Enskede before we found our own place at Brommaplan, where we stayed until december 2007.

Leisure, sports and interests

Hanging out with family and friends, alpine skiing, triathlon (swimming, cycling and running), orienteering, swim run, movies, TV-series.

Company history

Vaxwork/Designstationen (Ensk. firma), Web Agency, 2001 – 2007
Grissla HB, Jewellery in silver and plexiglass, 2005 – 2008 (Closed)
Designstationen AB, Web Agency, 2007 – 2014 (Merged with GoldLife)
HR24, Human Resources Group Europe AB, HR/Education, 2010 – 2011 (Exit)
iGoMoon AB, Web Agency, 2012 – 2014 (Exit)
GoldLife AB, Web Agency, 2014 – Present

What am I doing today?

Together with my wife I run the Web Agency GoldLife AB, we work with web design and web development with WordPress as the foundation, Ecommerce with WooCommerce, E-Learning with Sensei, Digital Marketing and Social Media.