Apple opens concept store in Stockholm

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Apple’s flagship Apple Store concept will come to Stockholm.

The concept “Apple Store” was introduced in the U.S. in 2001 – and has since spread like wildfire around the globe. According to Market magazine to the Apple Store on Regent Street in London to be the most profitable store in London.

And now, writes Market, Apple has decided to take the concept to Sweden. Apple is currently “discussing various store locations in Stockholm” with several property owners.

Apple Store acts as a physical marketing channel for the company with all it’s products. But also for events and demonstrations in the stores, which also often contain a “Genius Bar” for support and questions.

Source: Dagens Media (In Swedish)

3 responses to “Apple opens concept store in Stockholm”

  1. Diva_events Avatar

    Hi where exactly is this new store?

    1. Jonas Möller Avatar

      It’s still not yet official! 🙂

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