How To Develop A Plugin For WooCommerce

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I have worked with eCommerce for the last 10 years on and off. All the way form my college education in eCommerce and Logistics in Blekinge in the south of Sweden, to working with the Swedish Post, Auriga and Svea Webpay as clients and partners, building our own eCommerce solution based on ASP.NET C# and MS SQL with former web agency Designstationen, and we also developed  a couple of Magento sites.

eCommerce clients:

Home made eCommerce Solution:

  • Annorlunda Små (Toys and kids clothes)
  • Tule Traffic School
  • Lidingö Traffic School
  • Vattenfall (Swedish Electrical Company)

Clients in Magento eCommerce Solution:

  • Annorlunda Små (Toys and kids clothes)
  • Solarplexius (Sunscreens for cars)

Since 2009, we have been working with WordPress as a CMS Plattform and main developing tool, but it wasn’t until recently that we found an eCommerce plugin worthy to put real time and effort into, and that is WooCommerce.

Since then we have built this sites:

There are a couple of payment gateways that works in Sweden like Paypal, Dibs, Klarna, Payson and Google Checkout.


From my days with the Swedish Post and Auriga, I know Anders Berggren and he started to work with Payius and he saw the opportunity to build our own payment gateway . We got the technical specifications 3 weeks ago, and  now we got a beta version ready for testing. Please try it out at We are now going on with testing for a release of 1.0 next week.

More information

Contact me at [email protected] if you like to purchase the plugin and contact [email protected] if you would like to setup an Account at Payius to be able to take on payments from 170 different card types from around the world!

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    The ecommerce solutions should be provided for the various plugins so as to make the online store a more interactive one for the customers to purchase their products.

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    This will definitely help to develop a plugin for woocommerce.By developing these plugins, it would be useful for the customers to buy more products online.

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