iGoMoon Interwieving Jesper Bylund At WordCamp Stockholm

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Today iGoMoon Crew visited WordCamp Stockholm and we found Jesper Bylund from WordPress Agency Odd Alice. He held a seminar about responsive web design and asked him a few questions.


  1. Jesper who are you?
  2. Why should you bulid your site responsive?
  3. What do you think about responsive ecommerce?

The Responsive Web Today
Jesper in action talking about the web today

Jespers 7 tips for fast mobile websites

  1. Serve static files.
  2. File sizes – does your nedd to be put on a diet?
  3. As little code as possible – in frontend.
  4. Iamges – Sprites, Base64, smush.it
  5. Http Requests = Evil
  6. JavaScript
  7. Cache Manifest

More info about Jesper (@JesperBylund) can be found at his Twitter profile.

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