What Is Responsive Web?

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Last thursday I attended a breakfast seminar about responsive web at Nansen in Stockholm.

What is responsive web?

It means that your website adapts to the devices you are using. For example if you use an iPhone, an iPad, a laptop or a big screen TV connected to a computer in your livingroom the website will adjust itself to fit your specific screen size. It´s really amazing!

The government department Radiotjänst (Swedish Radio and TV control) have just launched a responsive website and also InnovationOnline in cooperation with ALMI and the Swedish Invention Society SUF. Another one is Goteborg & CO. Click the links, resize your browser window to simulate laptop, tablet or phone and see what happens, it´s really cool.

Don´t miss Mediaqueri.es from the video with a great collection of responsive websites from around the world.

Why responsive web:

  • Alot more different available devices.
  • Easier maintenance and much cheaper.
  • Faster load speed needed.
  • Number of sold tablets and smartphones.
  • Significantly increased data traffic.
  • Usability.
  • Measure, measure, measure.


  • Predicting behaviors from statistics.
  • Content first.
  • Main objectives.
  • Customize content.
  • Interaction.
  • Large clicks surfaces.
  • Check statistics.
  • Check structure.
  • Make tests.
  • Wireframe and new structure.
  • Implementation.
  • Testing.

If you want to know more about responsive web and how it can be adapted to your company website, please let us know.

And please leave a comment with a link to your favourite responsive website!

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