10 trends in digital media

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10 trends in digital media, consisting of everything from social media to mobile phones and how to charge online and in real life according to the Swedish recruitment agency Hammer Hanborg in their great blogpost (in swedish).

1. Social Shopping – means that e-commerce will be social and you pull your friends, family, colleagues and others in the shopping process. What do people think we know what we had intended to buy? We listen more and more of those around us and we are more critical to information from major credit rating pages (eg. TripAdvisor) or businesses own websites.

2. Tagging products – Thanks to Facebook, we have become used to tag friends in photos. The next step will be to tag products. This is especially useful too fashion and interior design blogs as well as digital newspapers. Examples of those who have already started with this is Perez Hilton and Frenchtown Connection. A new form of product placement, I see something I want and can instantly see information about where I can buy it!

3. The web is dead, long live the applications – it sold more mobile phones than computers, making it natural that apps get more and more space in consumers’ lives. How are we as entrepreneurs adapt to it?

4. Layar – A mobile application that adds a digital layer of reality, that is, shows the eye can not see. Examples of when this is used, the tourism industry – what did it actually look at historic places 500 years ago? And brokers – there may be vacant apartments here in this nice area?

5. The new Customer clubs – how can we tie together the digital and physical world? We are drowning in cards and forget them often. Something we have 96% of our waking time is within one meter of reach, our mobile phone. How can we use the positioning of mobile phones?

6. Micro-Transactions – It is both expensive and difficult to pay by card, and if a small sum to be paid, it’s easy to skip over this. Several companies have noticed an increase in sales by offering micro-payments or micro-transactions.

7. Indoor Positioning – Positioning is only in its beginning when we use it to check-in locations. In the future, indoor positioning beat that can be used both in schools, airports and department stores to track how people move, as well as send relevant offers and information.

8. Joy Marketing / Random acts of kindness – Create happiness with the help of social media. In 2010, the focus of social media has been to help angry and dissatisfied customers and turn them into happy customers. But in 2011 we will see a turnaround, where we instead put effort into making people happy through unexpected acts.

9. Creative crowdsourcing – Crowdsourcing became a very popular way to gather feedback and information to websites. An example of this is Malmotown.com that lets members create the content. But now brands to let ordinary people in the creative work and creative crowdsourcing.

10. Crowdfunding – Instead of being tied to an increasing number of investors seek funds through ordinary people. This is mainly a way for vulnerable sectors like the music industry and media to bring in lost revenue. Sample Kickstart is that anyone can start playing a video and start a collection.

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