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We are following the latest news about Apple Store Stockholm, Sweden and this is the latest rumors.

One of Swedens largest newspaper Expressen writes about it in todays online edition.

Apple is now making an offensive in Sweden, and opens it’s own shop at one of Stockholm’s hottest and most expensive addresses. This will lead to iPads and iPhone from Apple will come faster to Sweden – and the fans get to cheer.

Apple’s entrance into Sweden is surrounded by much secrecy. Previously, the electronics giant, has made ​​a success with their computers, phones, tablets and music players, only been available in Sweden through retailers. But now built his own shop in the greatest secrecy.
Apple’s flagship store will be on Norrmalmstorg in Stockholm – one of Stockholm’s most expensive addresses. The venue, which is currently being built in conjunction with Audi and Volkswagen showrooms, is exactly how spacious and stylish as the Apple Store used to be.

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