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  • We are looking for a front end ninja

    I´m one of the founders of iGoMoon, a Managed WordPress Solutions company, which means thay we build WordPress websites that are adapted for screens, tablets and smartphones (responsive design). iGoMoon takes full responsibility for our clients domains, hosting, backup and updates and we are also Google Apps Authorized Reseller. We are looking for our next… Read more

  • Ghost – A new really cool blogging platform


    I just heard about Ghost, a new Open Source application which allows you to write and publish your own blog, giving you the tools to make it easy and even fun to do. It’s simple, elegant, and designed so that you can spend less time messing with making your blog work – and more time… Read more

  • Nice sunday with some garden planning

    Today it´s sunday and we´re having a nice day in the sun after spring cleaning inside we made up the garden planning of what to grow in the garden this summer. Sweden is a really cold country and we still have some snow left in the garden but soooon it´s time put the seeds in… Read more

  • How To Develop A Plugin For WooCommerce


    I have worked with eCommerce for the last 10 years on and off. All the way form my college education in eCommerce and Logistics in Blekinge in the south of Sweden, to working with the Swedish Post, Auriga and Svea Webpay as clients and partners, building our own eCommerce solution based on ASP.NET C# and… Read more

  • Cool tool for sketching wireframes and webdesign

    Last week I got an email from one of my clients. “Please help me make a simple and nice sketch of this new website that we are going to build”. My first thought was “let´s do it in Photoshop” but it doesn´t need to be that complicated. I just used the iPad app Paper by… Read more

  • How to connect your eCommerce store to a payment gateway


    I have worked with eCommerce for the last 10 years on and off. All the way form my college education in eCommerce and logistics in Blekinge in the south of Sweden to working with the Swedish Post, Auriga and Svea Webpay as clients and partners, building our own eCommerce solution based on ASP.NET C# and MS SQL with… Read more

  • iGoMoon Interwieving Jesper Bylund At WordCamp Stockholm


    Today iGoMoon Crew visited WordCamp Stockholm and we found Jesper Bylund from WordPress Agency Odd Alice. He held a seminar about responsive web design and asked him a few questions. Questions Jesper who are you? Why should you bulid your site responsive? What do you think about responsive ecommerce? Jesper in action talking about the… Read more

  • Ironman Kalmar 2012

    The IRONMAN in Kalmar was held on August 18th 2012. The Athletes swam in Kalmar Strait, competed on their bikes in the typical Swedish scenery and ran through the beautiful historic town center past Kalmar Castle before they finished at the main square of Kalmar. Kalmar is my home town and I lived there until… Read more

  • Grand opening of Apple Store Täby, Stockholm, Sweden

    Today Apple launched their first Apple Store in Sweden. In Täby Centrum outside Stockholm. I was there but didn´t feel like standing in line for 2 hours! 😉 [youtube]sqy0mJ116GI[/youtube] The line to enter Apple Store Stockholm. [youtube]Ibf-n2Mb9P4[/youtube] Ecstatic employees at the entrance. See more images at AlltomMac. (In Swedish) Read more

  • Seminarie med Konungens Stiftelse Ungt Ledarskap


    Via Designstationen jobbar jag varje år sedan 2009 med Konungens Stiftelse Ungt Ledarskap och nu i torsdags var det dags att delta i årets prisutdelning på Slottet. Vad är Stiftelsen Ungt Ledarskap? Seminariet Ungt Ledarskap är årligt återkommande och har varje år ett aktuellt tema kopplat till ungt värdebaserat ledarskap. Scouterna och Konungens Stiftelse Ungt… Read more